Mocha Instant Jersey Hijab


Our instant jersey hijab  is made from a stretchy, soft jersey fabric. It is designed to be easy to wear, with no need for pins or complicated wrapping techniques. The hijab is pre-sewn to fit around your face, so all you have to do is slide it on. It is perfect for busy women on the go who want to look stylish without spending a lot of time on their hijab.  The high-quality material is comfortable, practical, and non-see-through, ensuring you look your best all day long. The instant jersey hijab is ideal for warm days, as it allows good airflow and excellent comfort due to its lightness. Great to workout out in too.


 Fabric Care: 

  • Can be machine washed or hand wash.
  • Accessories and sprays should be used with care so that the quality of your hijabs are not compromised.
  • No harsh detergents. 
  • Mild soapy water is sufficient. Steam or iron on low heat to maintain its character.





    205cm x 97cm

    Style Tip

    The instant jersey hijab is a great choice for beginners, reverts, and anyone who wants a quick and easy way to wear a hijab. Leave shorter end at the back as it allows the front to be a draped giving you a effortless look while still providing coverage.

    How it works