We aim to connect the modern women to their culture and historical roots through timeless and traditional elegance.


We believe that our clothes tell a graceful story connecting us back to our roots. Our designs give women confidence, power and the self-belief to be fully herself. 


Our clothes are made in simple silhouettes and strong fabrics, designed to stand the test of time - whether it’s in terms of outlasting trends or lasting for years to come.


Our workers have been committed to us for 17 years. The result is higher quality goods while taking care of their welfare.


Dress Shirts

Find yourself in our light easy to style shirt dresses. With it's unique style you can dress up for an elegant and sophisticated look, or dress down for a more casual comfy feel.

Open Abaya

Shop our Signature Blacks for a effortless chic look. With our Persian Embellishments feel a part of something beautiful. Find the right style for you with our Signature collection where there is a style to match everyone, from detachable hoods to Persia and non-Persia styles.

Sports Luxe

Keeping is casual with our Sports Luxe, an easy way to look fashionable while being on the go. Perfect for any weather with our detachable hoods.