The Arabian Nites Story: Modest Fashion, Reimagined

“Arabian Nites is a story by women, for women. The women emboldened by inner strength and empowered by strife, unwavering in their confidence and aspiration.”
Yasmin Safri - CEO

When Arabian Nites opened the doors of its London boutique back in 2004, it was a small ripple in an otherwise serene ocean.  

Set against a backdrop of east London’s vibrant cultural landscape and thriving markets; our founder and designer Yasmin Safri’s vision of modest fashion reimaginedwas quietly, confidently born. A sign, small but certain, that change was coming.

And whilst Arabian Nites is above and beyond the sum of our commitments, it is also an extension of our founder Yasmin’s personal story; an ambitious fashion graduate finding a safe space for her creativity. 

A story of idealism, escapism and perseverance. 

A pursuit of passion inspired by balmy, nostalgic nights in the Middle East. 

A testament to an understanding that a garment has the power to transform like no other; and that a woman transformed has power beyond measure.

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