Who Made Your Clothes?

Behind the Arabian Nites Fashion Revolution

When we started Arabian Nites back in 2004, we were groundbreaking in many ways. 

Our arrival represented a new era for modest fashion - where each piece was designed as a keepsake, a garment to instantly elevate a woman every time it is worn. We wanted our designs to represent a journey, a transformation - priceless feelings that cannot be discarded. 

But we knew that the innovation couldn’t stop at our designs. With a mission to inspire empowerment, grace and confidence in women, we couldn’t accept that we had to dress women to achieve their dreams... while depriving the women and families who create our pieces.


How we make each piece at Arabian Nites

Each worker we entrust to create our pieces become a part of the story of that piece, and each piece goes on to becomes a part of the wearer’s story.