Aaria Black Jacket Handcrafted



The Aaria handcrafted Jacket is inspired by stories of regal opulence, clothed in confidence and empowerment.Traditional heritage embroidery with a burst of beads and pearls.

Expertly cinched in and gathered at the waist to create a perpetual play between structure and fluidity, accentuating the feminine form. With abundance of black details are highlighted on the arms and pearl beading on the wrist, a reminiscence of our Arabian mirage. Drawn from the richness of culture and ancient artisanal finesse.



100% Polyester

Size Guide

All garments come in 44”chest size and come with either a belt or drawstring for a comfortable fit. and the lengths are available from 48" - 60" lengths. Find out more

Disclaimer: Hijab Magnets be a choking hazard due to its size. Please keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, immediately seek medical help.