Aaria Black Jacket Handcrafted

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Handcrafted with inspiration from tales of regal opulence, the Aaria Black Jacket exudes confidence and empowerment. Traditional heritage embroidery adorned with beads and pearls, expertly cinched and gathered at the waist to create a delicate balance between structure and fluidity, accentuating the feminine form. The abundance of black details and pearl beading on the wrist evokes the opulent world of Arabian mirages. Drawing from the cultural richness and ancient artisanal finesse, this jacket is a testament to the love for handcrafted work.

Color: Black

100% Polyester Crepe


Model is 5"5 and wearing '56'

Style Tip

Cinch in the belt for a more fitted look. Also comes with hidden side pockets. Style with our Breeze Chiffon Hijabs.

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