The reality of fast-fashion

What is the Reality of fast fashion?

Even now, little is known about the long journey our clothes make before they reach store shelves. Often passing through the hands of farmers, spinners, weavers, dyers, machinists, and other skilled garment workers in the Global South, there’s no shortage of people and families who rely on the production of clothing to make a living. 

In fact, around 75 million people worldwide work to make the clothes we wear, and 80% of them are women aged between 18 to 35. 

While entire communities rely on the global fashion industry for their livelihoods, the unfortunate reality for many garment workers is a life of poverty; subject to exploitation by the fashion industry in the form of poor wages, verbal and physical abuse, working in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

The 2013 Rana Plaza incident in Bangladesh was damning evidence of fatally poor practice by the fashion industry. When 1,132 people died and over 2500 were injured as a result of a building collapse, the world woke up to the horrors of the neglect faced by these workers. 

These disasters, among the worst industrial accidents on record, compelled people to unite against mistreatment of garment workers and join the Fashion Revolution Movement to demand a fairer, more transparent fashion industry.

To keep holding the industry accountable, in April every year, thousands take to social media as part of Fashion Revolution Week to ask their favourite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes to ensure a tragedy like the Rana Plaza incident never happens again.

How we make each piece at Arabian Nites

Our designs

All our designs are created in-house by our founder Yasmin in her London studio. Each piece starts with a sketch; and is then developed from a toile into a final garment. From this stage, a single garment can take up to 6 months to create as much consideration is put into choice of fabric, the choice of embellishment, the construction of the piece and any other finishing elements.

Our fabrics

All our fabrics are of the highest quality and chosen for their durability and longevity. While we create all our garments using cuts that maximise the amount of fabric in the design, we only buy the quantity we need to ensure there’s little to no waste. Where possible, any extra fabric left over from the production process is used to make clothes for our workers.

All fabrics are hand-dyed from scratch, meaning that none of our designs and prints are mass-produced or available outside our collections.

Our creation process

Every bead, panel, stitch is crafted by skilled artisans who specialise in particular fields across textiles & fashion. We have built close relationships with our team and have ensured our products are made within a factory that has legal working hours and wages, with good health and safety regulations and strict policies against the use of child labour.

At Arabian Nites, we are proud to support the fair and ethical production of all our clothing – and to be fully transparent about exactly who made our clothes and how.


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