Ruh Collection

Float into spring with our fresh irresistable collection

At Arabian Nites the Ruh is embodied in the garment’s construction and silhouette,
principle of vitality and the motion of flow in our popular angelic cuts and
materials, that invokes feelings of tranquillity. Alongside this, the swirl of
colours which underlay a strong symbolism of “free spirit”.

The quality of Ruh (soul) may seem like it has nothing to do with fashion. Yet through our clothing choices, we’re able to manifest and portray our beliefs, ideas, and inner selves. This aids you in understanding the importance of connecting yourself to what you wear. It is key in feeling confident because when you see and appreciate beauty you also feel it uplifting your spirit and mood.

Fashion is a powerful tool that allows us to exhibit our values, honour our heritage and shape how we present ourselves.