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Yasmin Safri is the creator and designer of Arabian Nites. Arabian Nites was inspired through her travels in the Middle East, in particular Dubai; women took pride in what they wore and were daring in their styles and forward looking fashion. Opening her standalone boutique in the heart of London, steps away from the London Muslim Centre in 2004, Yasmin began to revolutionise attitudes and fashion desires.


Arabian Nites believes that people in the chain of production are vital,
and their welfare must be part of the brand…

Products which take advantage of vulnerable communities though pricing and inadequate working conditions are a blemish to the industry. Yasmin takes personal care in the welfare of all the people associated with Arabian Nites. She ensures suppliers pay a fair wage; and provides schooling for families. Yasmin believes that by providing a stable economic environment with education opportunities means her workforce are happy. The result is higher quality goods while taking social responsibility. We believe in our label and the people behind the scenes.

The collections always follow a theme of culture, history and make-belief.

Each collection is inspired by functional wear-ability, using fabrics appropriate for the season and gorgeous silhouettes for those special occasions. Yasmin takes the ‘little black dress’ philosophy into creating each Arabian Nites collection. The wearer can throw the garment on without effort and feel and look fabulous.

The Collections cater for those who do not want to go ‘loud and proud’; for expectant and new mothers who just need ‘space and accessibility’; for fashionistas who want to be ‘different’; and those who just want to ‘edge’ into cultural dress. Yasmin also provides a personal design service which gives the wearer the choice of creating their own.

We take great pride in our fabrics. Our manufacturers understand that quality is key; from producing and understanding the characteristics of our fabrics to producing high quality stitching and finishing is vital to our brand. Our fabrics have extended to keeping in line with the trends. We have intricate vintage lace with lining, delicate summer chiffons and woollen long cardigans for colder seasons. All fabrics are quality checked at all stages of production.

Interest has always peeked in from unusual places, visitors to the quaint boutique in the East End of London have included HRH Prince of Wales, Sarah Brown (wife of ex Prime Minister, Gordon Brown), Mayor Ken Livingstone and the late Robin Cook MP, Nicole Roberts, among many other distinguished personalities. Yasmin’s prominence as one of the foremost designers in Islamic fashion has meant much media coverage. She has represented the views of Muslim women with broadcasters from BBC, Sky, CNN, Boston Globe, Ethic Media Group, Time Out, Emel, Islam Channel and a variety of regional radio and print media.

The uniquely different perspective of Arabian Nites ensured key feature documentaries on the BBC with Desi DNA and Women in Black.

Yasmin was runner-up as ‘newcoming entrepreneur of the year’ in 2005 with the Ethnic Media Group. A few years on, the story continues…


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